Saturday, July 14, 2007


From the same West Jefferson, North Carolina folks who brought you Golden Girl and Sundrop comes yet another classic ,which they have done in the old fashioned premium way. These good folks have produced their version of the venerable old orange Crush. This is not the average, everyday mass produced HFCS version of Crush that we see in the groceries and big box marts. Nope, this is Crush the way it used to be made; with beautiful sugar enhanced flavour and refreshing quality.

This one has pretty much everything you'd look for in an refreshing, orange Soda and it even has a "secret" taste enhancing ingredient which I have not seen listed on any other Soda. The Crush experience starts the moment you open the bottle and encounter the easily identifiable orange Soda scent. There's just nothing else that smells quite like it. The soft carbonation is a nice change. It doesn't add a hard bite, just a refreshing effervescence. The orange Soda flavour is light and not "in your face", in the least. This version of Crush does not rely on a citric acid bite to get its point across either. Instead, it relies on the perfectly sugar flavour and the "secret" ingredient to carry things over. What's the "secret" ingredient? Plain, old fashioned salt. Something you just don't see used in most Soda these days.

This is what Crush is supposed to taste like. Not that mass produced HFCS laden swill that is so prevalent in stores around the country. It has a nice citrus and sugar aftertaste with one of the sweetly, cloying qualities one finds in the usual version of this Soda. It is refreshing and easy to drink. Everything about it is well balanced. If you're in North Carolina and can find this version, buy it. It's just a darned good Soda!

Carbonated Water
Citric Acid
Sodium Benzoate
Gum Acacia
Natural Flavors
Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin
Yellow 6
Brominated Vegetable Oil
Red 40

This Orange Crush gets an 8/10!

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