Friday, March 31, 2017

Goliath Goes After David Again

And, just like that, it is gone. The good folks at Dublin Bottling Works are being forced to stop producing their Dublin Original Soda. Dr Pepper/Snapple has, once again, killed off the venerable flavour. Due mostly to the agreement they forced on DBW when they parted ways back in '12. Still a pretty sleazy thing, given the sheer numbers of Dr Pepper knockoffs on the market that they do not go after.
The good news is that this will have no affect on Dublin Bottling Works day to day operations or the other great Sodas that they currently produce. Do them, and yourself a favour and buy a bottle of their Soda or Root Beer next time you run across it. I certainly will. And I'll never knowingly buy a Dr Pepper/Snapple product again. In the battle between the mom and pop and the corporate Goliath I will always support the underdog and real Soda.

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