Thursday, June 11, 2015

A Classic Soda Returns To Beijing

Back when I was younger I lived in Beijing. This was just after the end of the Cultural Revolution and the rise of Deng Xioping and the first opening of trade with the West. One of my favourite things back then was an delicious orange Soda we just knew as Ji Shua (sic). It wasn't overly sweet, but it had a great carbonation to it and a wonderful orange taste. You really needed to invert the bottle before opening it, as the orange in it tended to settle out over time. No orange soda I have had since those days has ever been quite as good. We had it delivered to our place by the case. It was just that good.

   Nice to see that the old Soda is returning to the shelves in Beijing, (after being bought and shelved by PepsiCo. Booo!). Maybe I'll get lucky and some aspiring Asian market here will import some. Or I may just have to make the trip back to Beijing. Heck of a long way to go for a Soda, though! I am happy that Beibingyang Soda is back to stay.
Beibingyang brand
Beibingyang brand
Beibingyang brand

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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Coke Looking To Expand PlantBottle's

Since it's introduction in 2009, Coca Cola's "PlantBottle" has seen quite a bit of success and acceptance. Now they're shooting for a 100% plant based recyclable bottle, rather than the current 30% plant based bottle. Kudos to the folks at Coca Cola for leading the way in sustainable manufacturing where bottles are concerned.

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