Monday, July 24, 2006

Sundrop On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy!

Yet another of my OBX acquisitions were 2 bottles of Sundrop. One was the regular Sundrop soda and the other was a bottle of Golden Girl Cola, The Original Citrus Soda. Both were bottled by the good folks at Dr Pepper Bottling of West Jefferson, North Carolina...let me take a minute here to give a great big Thank You! to these good folks for helping me out with my questions about sweetening and the labeling when I called them, (yes, I called them). Both versions of this use the same formulation and neither contain High Fructose Corn Syrup, despite the labeling on the Golden Girl bottle, these two Sodas contain granulated Cane Sugar. That's straight from the mouth of Rob, their head bottler, so take it to the bank!

Now, let's talk about these Citrus Soda's, shall we? Since these are the same formulation you can rest assured that my review of each, (I tasted them about two days apart just to clear my mind on them) was pretty much the same. I noticed only minor differences in taste and those were easily attributable to me, rather than the Soda's.

What hits you first is a decidedly strong citrus Soda scent. Almost a grapefruit like scent. On pouring you're greeted with nice, big bubbled carbonation that ends up adding a nice kick to the citric acid bite. Also, don't get thrown by the bits and pieces of citrus that float in these bottles, it's a natural result of using the Orange Juice Concentrate to craft this drink. It has a bright yellow/greenish hue that is a trademark of citrus Sodas, (anyone know why?) and they use Yellow 5 to get that colour, I can only wonder what the natural colour is.

Sundrop has a nice tart taste and is beautifully tangy, just what I like to see in a citrus based Soda. It's fruity. Both have a sweet and citrus aftertaste that is far from unpleasant. The taste of orange juice concentrate is readily noticeable while drinking and in the aftertaste. As citrus Soda goes Sundrop/Golden Girl both lead the pack in their category. For quality and taste they are unbeatable. This is yet another Cadbury/Schweppes licensed product that is leading the way in the revitalisation of Premium Sodas. Now, if we could just get them to use the same Dr Pepper formula worldwide as they do in Dublin, Texas......

Carbonated Water
Natural Flavors
Orange Juice Concentrate
Sodium Benzoate
Acacia Gum
Yellow 5
Glycerol Ester of Wood Rosin
Brominated Vegetable Oil

Golden Girl Soda/Sundrop get a 9/10!

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