Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pepsi Bringing Out Limited Time "Pepsi Fire"

In a move that's sure to please the cinnamon lovers out there, PepsiCo announced the addition of Pepsi Fire to its summer lineup. It's a cinnamon infused version of their namesake Cola.
Today, Pepsi is encouraging fans to "Get It While It's Hot™" with the launch of its newest limited-edition beverage, Pepsi Fire. Beginning May 22, Pepsi Fire – the refreshing cola with a cinnamon flavored twist – will be available in stores nationwide for an eight-week period.
So, if you're a cinnamon lover you have 8 weeks to indulge yourself. This is one I'll probably skip, as I'm not a hot cinnamon kind of guy.
PepsiCo is also running a Social Media based contest for the release. They are offering some pretty cool prizes.

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