Saturday, October 31, 2015

Video Gaming And Soda Cross The Streams

Here's a cool new Soda hitting the shelves. For those who may be fans of the Fallout video game series, Bethesda games has teamed up with Jones Soda to make a version of Nuka Cola Quantum, the ubiquitous Soda found in many places across the nuclear blasted landscape of the Fallout world. Obviously a celebration and tie in to the very soon to be released Fallout 4. No-one's sure of the flavour yet, but it is a nifty glowing blue colour. I'll definitely have to grab a couple of bottles of this one. One or two to collect and a couple to taste. As a Fallout fan this is doubly amusing and fascinating for me. They will be exclusive to Target stores, so at least they will be available in most areas.

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