Monday, February 16, 2015

Well, the folks at Pepsi-Co have gone and done it again. They've changed the sweetener for Sierra Mist. Where we once had a nice sugar sweetened beverage, we now have a sugar and stevia sweetened beverage. There are lots of complaints rolling in about this unannounced switch. I can't say I've indulged, myself, as I usually only drink Sierra Mist from the fountain and there's no word yet on that having undergone a change. Here's hoping they take the well earned criticisms to heart and change back. If they want a stevia sweetened version then they should follow Coke's lead and make a specific version of the drink and let the market decide if it survives.

Here's a piece from the folks at The Consumerist on the whole matter.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Venturing Into Vernors

For the longest time I have heard the fans of Vernors Ginger Soda speak lovingly of their bubbly choice. Well, on my trip to the Outer Banks of North Carolina, I came across a version of Vernors that would surely fit my bill. It was crafted and bottled by the Soda mavens at the Dr Pepper Bottling Company in West Jefferson, NC. Bottled in glass and sweetened with real Sugar, I was sold. I'd give it a shot. Interestingly enough, Vernors is not a Ginger Ale or Ginger beer, it is clearly listed on the label as "The Original Ginger Soda". That's different.
    The first thing about this Soda is the effervescence. This is one bubbly Soda. And the aroma is sweet with just a hint of what's to come. The flavour is mild and has no real ginger bite, as many newer Ginger Ales have. This is an old fashioned Soda without a really outstanding flavour. What it mostly is is sweet and bubbly. Not a bad Soda, at all but not an outstanding one, either. It would make a nice mixer for a cocktail. There is a bit of Gingery aftertaste to it, which is pleasant but I wish it were more of an upfront sensation. It does get more flavorful as it warms up. All in all not a bad Soda, but not a great one for me. I give it a solid 7.5. Sorry, Michigan.

Carbonated Water
Citric Acid
Sodium Benzoate
Caramel Colour
Natural And Artificial Flavours

Friday, October 10, 2014

PepsiCo Joins The Crafty Cola Revolution

Looks like PepsiCo is taking a step into the Craft Cola realm with a new product. Caleb's Cola will be available in limited areas, at first and may see a bigger roll out later. I would certainly like to try this one and can't wait till it reaches a store near me. It will be interesting to taste this one.

Here's a link to the full story at HuffPo.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Good Captain Adds Two New Flavours To Their Lineup!

Shipyard Brewing, the makers of the finestkind Sodas of the Capt'n Eli's line, have added two new flavours. By popular demand they have gifted us with a new Black Cherry Pop and a Cream Soda. Both of these were added by fans request according to the press release. Frankly, I can't wait to get my hands on a couple of bottles of this and give it a try. I'm not a huge fan of Black Cherry or Cream Soda, but I am a fan of Capt'n Eli's Sodas and none of their delicious sodas have ever let me down. And the suggested price for a 4 pack isn't bad, either. $3.99 is not painful by any means. Here's hoping that they make their way to my neck of the woods in Middle America sooner, rather than later!