Friday, March 31, 2017

Goliath Goes After David Again

And, just like that, it is gone. The good folks at Dublin Bottling Works are being forced to stop producing their Dublin Original Soda. Dr Pepper/Snapple has, once again, killed off the venerable flavour. Due mostly to the agreement they forced on DBW when they parted ways back in '12. Still a pretty sleazy thing, given the sheer numbers of Dr Pepper knockoffs on the market that they do not go after.
The good news is that this will have no affect on Dublin Bottling Works day to day operations or the other great Sodas that they currently produce. Do them, and yourself a favour and buy a bottle of their Soda or Root Beer next time you run across it. I certainly will. And I'll never knowingly buy a Dr Pepper/Snapple product again. In the battle between the mom and pop and the corporate Goliath I will always support the underdog and real Soda.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Look At Orca Beverages.

Here's a look at a nice article on Orca Beverages, the maker of many fine retro Sodas and Root Beers. This Mukilteo, Washington enterprise is turning out many classic beverages using classic formulae, real Cane Sugar and a love for the product. I've had quite a few of their products and they've all been pretty darned good. Nice to see them getting some press time. Drop by for a look at Orca's website and, if you can't find their products near you, you can order direct from the manufacturer.

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Monday, August 08, 2016

Pepsi Is Bringing Back An Oldie

Well, they say that everything that is old is new again and that apparently holds true for the iconic Crystal Pepsi. It's been out for awhile in Canada, but should start hitting the shelves any day now in the US. Here's hoping that Pepsi enjoys some success with this, as many fans of the original wanted it back. We'll just have to see how it does!

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Two New Canned Offerings From Pepsi

The folks at PepsiCo are coming out with two new offerings in the premium market. 1893 Cola offers all natural ingredients and comes in two flavours, Cola and Ginger. They are certainly taking advantage of the changing tastes of their target audience and have a good leg up on their competition in this arena. I'm looking forward to trying these out when they hit my area. While I might prefer a nice glass bottle, it cannot be denied that cans have a place. This will be a new experience, I can't think of any premium Soda's that come in cans off the top of my head. Way to go PepsiCo!

For more on this offering from Pepsi read the rest.

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