Saturday, January 31, 2009

Repent Soda Sinners

Apparently, the governor of Massachusetts thinks that those of us who like to consume a few "empty calories" via a Root Beer or Soda are sinners and in need of additional taxation. It's yet another, in a long line of attempts at behaviour modification by the powers that be to encourage us to act and consume the way they wish us to. At the same time these nanny staters want to fill their coffers by taxing the population segment that they wish to modify.
When Governor Deval Patrick proposed a 5 percent premium on sugary treats this week, his administration presented it as a sin tax with a bonus: Imposing such a levy, a briefing paper pledged, "is a critical first step in discouraging the consumption of these empty calories."
Thankfully, I am not a resident of Taxachusettes, nor am I likely to ever be, but the innocent people who like a good Soda, or one of the excellent regional Root Beers have to bear the burden of these nonsensical do-gooders. Enough is enough, isn't it? Once upon a time there were some Bostonians who had the courage to protest a tax increase on their beverage of choice. Where are those people now? If you won't protest a 5% tax on your Soda or Root Beer then what will you speak out against? Very little, it seems.

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Anonymous The Modern Gadfly said...

This is outrageous! They might as well impose a tax on candy bars, fourth of July parades, apple pies, baseball, and children's laughter. That should effectively eliminate all possible happiness from the state of Massachusetts. The Governor sounds like a total busybody!

10:40 PM  
Anonymous Robotron said...

What about a tax on diet beverages instead? Those appear to be the real reason people get obese. Everywhere I go I have noticed HUGE people buying diet soda by the case-lot and my family only drinks sugar sodas (we're all thin). Looks odd when we walk past them in Costco and their cart is full of diet pop.

I also have two close friends who switched to diet soda and ballooned within a year (that was their only diet change). This Governor is not only out of touch he is out of his mind.

2:01 PM  

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