Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Big Red One

Big Red In A Bottle
One of my local BBQ joints (City BBQ) is in the very good habit of carrying glass bottled, premium Soda's. This is a good thing, in my mind as these Soda's are complimentary to good BBQ. One of the few that they carry and that I decided to pick up a visit or two ago, was this Big Red. This is a Soda with a back story and is a Texas favourite, but this is the first time I had run across a premium version of it, so I knew I had better give it a try. Just looking at the bottle you'd almost think it had to be a cherry flavoured Soda, as red as it is, but that is certainly not the case.
   The first thing that hits you is the aroma. Initially it's a hit of Sugar, followed up by a Bubble Gum-like aroma. Altogether a pleasant sign of what is to come.
   The Soda is very effervescent. It bubbles up quickly and subsides just as fast. The initial taste is still one of Bubble Gum, (it reminds me a bit of Super Bubble Bubble Gum) and Cream Soda, with a very slight woody undertone to it. Not unpleasant, at all. It's a very sweet beverage and would pair well with some vinegary BBQ. I can also see why this is a kids favourite. It is very sweet and the sweetness lingers on your tongue. Altogether a decent Soda, if a bit too sweet. I couldn't see being a regular drinker of Big Red, but I can see where some folks might really like it, if they're in to super sweet Soda's and Bubble Gum.


Carbonated Water
Natural and Artificial Flavor
Red 40
Citric Acid

Caffeine Content: 38mg/12 fl.oz.

Big Red gets a 5.5 out 10

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